Stainless Steel Coloured Dog Bowls

  • Solid premium Stainless Steel with a non-skid rubber ring
  • Features an attractive striped coloured metallic finish
  • The bowl is easy to clean with no seams in teh stainless steel construction
  • Available in 4 sizes with the 450ml size being perfect for puppies, small dogs and cats (refer to cat bowls section)
  • Available in 5 colours; charc0al/black, pink, olive/gold, blue and purple

Water Bottle for Rabbits – Plastic

  • An inexpensive and clean way to provide water to your rabbits, rodents and guinea pigs
  • Manufactured from hard wearing plastic
  • Printed measurements let you fill this bottle with specific volumes for optimum hydration
  • Includes metal fastening attachments to secure to the side of enclosures or alternately hung from a tab on the top of the bottle
  • A ball bearing nozzle delivers a steady stream of water when suckled
  • A good quality range of plastic water bottles for everyday use