Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Slaughter Device

  • A captive bolt device is a humane way to slaughter animals ranging from small pigs to a bull
  • A retracting bolt (instead of a bullet) is fired into the head
  • Different activators are used depending on the size of the animal (the correct activator is required for different sized animals)
  • Instructions for use are included with the device
  • It is recommended that this device be used in the presence of a veterinarian or the user attend a veterinary course on how to use this device
  • A firearms licence is not required

It is imperative that the correct activator is used for the animal. It is recommended that your veterinarian advise the best type of captive bolt for each animal, however, an indicative guide is provided below:

  • Green – Small pigs, calves, sheep
  • Yellow – Store pigs, light cows
  • Blue – Large pigs, heavy cows
  • Red – Large boars, bulls

How to clean, maintain and troubleshoot the Blitz Kerner captive bolt device: To watch the YouTube video CLICK HERE