Sticky Roll Fly -Deluxe Unit

  • Non-polluting, non-toxic, insecticide free, Sticky Roll is a reel-to-reel system of sticky tape that really catches flies!
  • 24 hour fly control on a roll
  • Easy to use, easy to dispose
  • When flies first hatch, after feeding or when the weather cools, flies tend to congregate overhead where they are caught in the roll. Once entrapped, they produce stress chemicals which are irresistible attractants to other flies. When a length of tape is full, wind it up, flies and all, onto the disposable reel & throw it away.
  • Sticky roll is safe & effective system that is easy to install for use in areas such a barns, horse stables, animal premises of all kinds, veterinary areas, kennels, zoos, food processing areas, anywhere flies are a problem. USDA testing¬† shows that Sticky Roll captured 92% of available flies, an astonishing performance for a non-toxic, non-polluting control system.
  • Sticky Roll Tape is a 0.63 mm wide white sticky tape that flies just love to land on. The Deluxe System features a large roll of Sticky Roll, all necessary mounting hardware & pulleys for installing a network of tape throughout a large enclosure.
  • For installing in large sheds or stables, the Sticky Deluxe System is ideal.
  • Discard full reel of tape, flies & all.
  • Complete instructions are included.
  • Complete Kit includes 300 metre roll.


  • Sticky roll deluxe kit includes pulleys for creating a network of tape around the ceiling
  • For best results, tape within 15cm of the ceiling above your fly population and away from breezes