Poultry Nipples – Lubing

Flow Rates

  • High and low flow rate nipples refer to the quantity of water supplied
  • Low flow nipples are usually used in cages (40-50 cubic cm/minute)
  • High flow are used in the floor system (80-90 cubic cm/minute)


  • There are two styles of action: up/down (vertical nipples) or 360° multidirectional
  • Vertical nipples (up/down) is usually used for adult birds (layer-breeder) – Vertical nipple are not recommended for chicks
  • 360° multidirectional are usually used from chicks till the end of for broiler or (rearing layer and breeder)


  • The nipples and nipple cups require a low pressure system to operate. They will not operate when connected into a direct mains pressurised water system.
  • Nipples can be screwed into a hose line, T piece (as below) or as replacement nipples in nipple water cup.
  • We recommend the use of the below Water Tanks to establish your in line system
  • The extensions are used to vary the position of the nipples or the nipple water cups
  • In one pen you may require some to be placed low for the chickens and some to be placed higher for their parents or larger fowl


  • All nipples are manufactured by Lubing™ Germany
  • Each of the Lubing™ Nipples are individually factory tested to ensure 100% quality standards