Bainbridge Fly Trap Bottle

  • An attachment to create a fly trap from an existing P.E.T water bottle (i.e. 600ml Coke bottle)
  • A simple and economical fly trap solution supplied in a set of 3 units
  • As available complete with an Australian made 1 Litre bottle
  • Fly bait is available for use within the trap

Fly Trapping Tips:

  • Hang several traps 3-10 metres from home to greatly reduce indoor flies
  • Hang traps in sunny areas, away from strong winds or drafts
  • The traps will generally attract flies from a distance of 10-12 metres depending on wind conditions
  • In open areas, hang the
  • In outdoor areas, flies search low for food sources for best results, place the fly trap approximately 45cm from ground level
  • In enclosed areas, such as sheds, hang traps within a 2 metre radius of electrical lights
  • If solution in the trap falls required water level, add more water

Insect Sweep Nets

  • In order to determine the right time to spray, these insect sweep nets are a very popular way to sweep for agricultural pests (such as Heliothis) in crops
  • Made from rugged materials with spare parts available
  • Each complete set consists of an aluminium handle, bag and hoop

Non Kick Clamp – Superior

  • This is a European made Non Kick Clamp
  • Designed with different hook shapes with a longer backbone hook, and has a red cap to distinguish the longer length.
  • The clamp is made from heavy duty zinc-galvanised steel
  • Adjustable from 54 to 75cm.
  • Spare kit available which includes 4 x springs and 2 end caps.