Freeze Brands – Cast Bronze Alloy

Since 1922, Bainbridge is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high quality handmade animal identification equipment.  Manufactured in Australia, Bainbridge provides the tools you need to permanently mark your livestock.


  • Renowned for quality, our handmade quality tested products are built to last
  • Livestock owners are responsible for registering brands and earmarks
  • Owners must ensure that branding irons are made to the exact shape shown on their certificate of registration
  • Please review the process to order a 3 Piece or Symbol branding iron at the bottom of this page to place an order

Cast Bronze alloy Brands:

  • Handmade Cast Bronze Alloy brands especially made for freeze branding
  • Available as a three piece brand or as a symbol brand
  • Letters and numbers are available individually, plus 0-9 number sets are also available
  • Available in 4 sizes 25mm (1”), 38mm (1.5”), 51mm (2”) – pricing is detailed below. Also available in 63mm (2.5”) – please contact your reseller for a quote on this size.
  • Removable and interchangeable letters and numbers are available on request
  • Made in Australia




  • Contact your local retail store to place an order for any 3 piece or symbol brand
  • The handmade branding irons are custom made to your individual requirements (therefore cannot be returned)
  • For registered brands, the retailer will require a copy of your branding certificate, the size of the brand required and the number of handles required
  • Bainbridge can also manufacture any shape (for uses outside of animal identification) and create any length of the handle to suit your requirements.
  • Bainbridge will provide a confirmation form outlining the specifications of your order to the store prior to manufacturing
  • All brands will be manufactured to the specifications provided and confirmed (no returns available)