Poultry Netting – Electrified

  • Top quality premium grade electrifiable netting which is suitable for hens, geese, turkeys & lambs
  • Supplied in 50m lengths (Height: 112cm) which are easily connected for longer runs
  • 112cm high with 12 horizontal wires with strengthen top strand and non electrified verticals and bottom strand (11 electrified horizontal wires)
  • Perfect for professional hobby farmers wanting a free range environment
  • Keep your eggs and animal safe from predators
  • Excellent quality netting with welded knots and strengthen top strand
  • Features a smaller mesh width in the lower area
  • Stable, easily visible tread-in plastic stakes with double pronged feet (15 x plastic posts per 50m roll)
  • Includes 7 attachments for holding down the netting
  • Fast and simple connections
  • Replacement parts available: including netting repair clips (below)
  • Suitable for use with all brands of energisers (not supplied)
  • Available in 2 colours; Green & Orange

Repair Clips

  • A quick and easy solution to repair our electrified netting fences
  • A simple repair process: The broken ends are slipped into the open holes of the clips and then the plastic sleeves are slid over the folded wire
  • Three repairs clips styles are available