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As a wholesaler, producer and manufacturer, Bainbridge has a specialist range of animal husbandry, veterinary equipment, hobby farm and farm supplies products that are available for export.

The Bainbridge export range specifically caters for the following markets: 

  • Animal Identification
  • Beef Cattle Equipment
  • Dairy and Milking Equipment
  • Grooming and Show Equipment
  • Equine Products
  • Sheep Breeding Equipment
  • Pig Swine Breeding Equipment
  • Animal Health
  • Large Animal Veterinary Equipment and Surgical Equipment
  • Pest Control Equipment
  • Poultry Breeding Equipment (including rabbits)
  • Companion Animal Products (including pets and working dogs)
  • Feeding and Watering Equipment
  • Chemical Measuring Jugs and Measuring Cylinders
  • General Farm Products

While our diversified range of high quality products are available from our Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) warehouse, Bainbridge will also ship
direct from our overseas manufacturing facilities direct to our international partners. Bainbridge will endeavour to work with our international partners to supply our range in a cost efficient method.

Please contact Bainbridge ( to discuss a business relationship for your respective location.