Bainbridge Feed Scoops – Heavy Duty

  • Stackable design for compact storage and easy shipping
  • The flat edge is designed to allow scooping to the bottom or to a flat surface
  • The flat base allows the scoop to sit upright even when full
  • 1 litre scoop handles approximately 0.5kg of dry feed
  • 2 litre scoop handles approximately 1.0kg of dry feed
  • 8 colours available in Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink and Orange

We can customise these!

Cat Collar Nylon Padded with Safety Buckle

  • High quality nylon in fantastic bright colours
  • Padded nylon for added comfort
  • Breakaway design with safety release buckle
  • Welded D-ring with colour co-ordinated bell to match the collar
  • Adjustable sizing 19cm-31cm, 1cm width
  • Available in 6 high visible colours; pink, green, black, orange, red and yellow

Leg Bands – Plastic

  • Good quality leg bands which are designed to be removed and re-used.
  • Sold singularly
  • Colours available – Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Orange.
  • Length 36cm x 3cm wide.

Leg Rings – Pack of 24

  • Useful for identification purposes for poultry and other large birds
  • Snap on leg rings for easy application (applied by pressing firmly to lock)
  • Reusable
  • Available in four colours: Blue, Green, Red or Yellow
  • Pack of 24 rings


Available in a range of sizes (indicative size guide by internal diameter):

  • 8mm – Suit pigeons and young poultry
  • 12mm – Pheasants and Bantams
  • 15mm – Standard fowl
  • 20mm – Suit larger fowl, turkeys etc.

Plastic Massage Curry Comb

  • An economic plastic massage curry comb manufactured to a high standard in high quality plastic
  • Used to massage legs and areas of the body and remove dirt and loosen hair, especially after washing
  • Available in a range of six (6) colours: Red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and hot pink