Bainbridge Feed Scoops – Heavy Duty

  • Stackable design for compact storage and easy shipping
  • The flat edge is designed to allow scooping to the bottom or to a flat surface
  • The flat base allows the scoop to sit upright even when full
  • 1 litre scoop handles approximately 0.5kg of dry feed
  • 2 litre scoop handles approximately 1.0kg of dry feed
  • 8 colours available in Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink and Orange

We can customise these!

Grain Shovel – Plastic

  • Manufactured from polypropylene
  • One piece plastic shovel designed for a wide range of applications
  • Light and hygienic
  • Tough, strong and made to last
  • Does not contain metal components – suitable for grain use and commercial food applications
  • Wide mouth shovel useful for grain and landscaping
  • Available in three colours: White, orange and green
  • Width: 35cm, Length: 110cm