Acu-Vax Injectors

  • A key feature of the Acu-Vax Injector is the polypropylene barrel which is resistant to all current vaccines
  • Draw off inlet is located inside the handle which helps prevent accidental disconnection of draw off tube
  • Dosages for 1ml in 0.1ml graduations, 2ml in 0.2ml graduations, 5ml in 0.5ml graduations
  • Made in New Zealand

Algae Remover – Cupricide

Freight charges apply.

  • For use in lakes, portable water reservoirs, farms, fish and industrial ponds, fish hatcheries, rice paddies, raceways, crop and non-crop irrigation conveyance system ditches, canals and laterals.
  • Aquatic algicide CUPRICIDE offers a cost effective approach to the control over a wide spectrum of filamentous and planktonic algae.
  • Cupricide is a mixed copper alkanolamine complex. In this chemical form, it provides many algicidal efficiency but with low toxicity to fish. The organic chelating agents used in CUPRICIDE protect the active ingredient (copper) from precipitating out of solution (a problem which frequently occurs with copper sulphate aglicides) as well as reducing the toxicity of copper on fish.
  • Supplied in an easy to use liquid form, CUPRICIDE works by systemic action, penetrating cells and inhibiting photosynthesis.
  • Suitable for drinking water when used according to directions on label.
  • For the use in lakes, portable water

Suggested dose range:

  • Light algae growth: 2L per megalitre
  • Medium algae growth: 5L per megalitre
  • Heavy algae growth: 10L per megalitre

Aluminium Hub Disposable Needles

  • Aluminium hub for large animal applications that require a durable needle
  • Anti friction coating for minimum penetration resistance and animal discomfort
  • Tamper evident, colour coded cartridges
  • Stainless steel cannula
  • Sterile, nonpyrogenic, autoclavable components
  • Supplied in a box of 100 needles

Antiseptic Dusting Powder

  • Infection prevention and healing of wounds following castration and dehorning
  • Antiseptic Dusting Powder is a very effective antiseptic and mild astringent, with fungicidal properties
  • Active Constituents: Each kilogram contains Boric Acid 250g, Zinc Oxide 100g. Salicylic Acid 50g (Check the label prior to use)
  • Available in a convenient 250g Powder Shaker Pack and a 3kg Bulk Pack

Bainbridge Automatic Pet Waterer

  • Automatically refills with a continuous supply of fresh water
  • Utilises a float valve to shut off the flow of water once the bowl is full
  • 2 litre bowl capacity
  • Sits at ground level
  • Connects to a P.E.T. soft drink bottle for indoor use
  • Connects to a standard garden hose for outdoor use
  • Garden hose connections also available (approx 1.6 metres in length)

Bainbridge Battery Livestock Prod – Yellow

  • The next generation NEW AND IMPROVED model with a range of updates to the design to suit Australian conditions
  • Featuring a high quality LED light for safety in the dark to free your hands with a separate push switch is located on the top of the stock prod to activate the LED light. Designed to suit the needs of truck drivers and drovers.
  • Output of the stock prodder is 6900v
  • Wrist strap located at the rear of the stock prod to move the strap away from the handle and improve the balance of the prod when hanging
  • Supplied with 4 x ‘C’ Cell batteries (also available as a rechargeable version)
  • Available in two sizes with 33cm, 57cm and 83cm shafts available (approx lengths). The hand piece measures an additional 25cm (approx).
  • 12 month repair warranty applicable to the motor only (excludes all other parts, including the shaft, the LED light, case breakage, any form of physical damage and wear & tear).
  • For livestock use only