20mm Breather Drawoff

  • The breather draw off allows for an easy bottle connection and excellent flow rates, even with viscous products
  • Moulded one piece cap, spike and hose spigot
  • Draw off tube suits 20mm (neck size) vaccine and injectable bottles
  • Ability to sterilise by boiling in water
  • Made in New Zealand

240 Volt Dehorner

  • 240 Volt Dehorner is a quality tool with a 250W power output and ergonomic hand piece design
  • Heats to 620°C and reaches an operating temperature in 12 minutes
  • Features a close proximity of the element to the tip to maintain uniform heat output in all conditions
  • Supplied with a 18mm tip and a stainless steel stand for resting the device

AI Sheath Universal

  • Suitable for all types of semen straws
  • Tight fit with all types of straws
  • Gentle insemination due to a soft shape of the tip
  • Transparent colour of the adapter to visualise the straw inside
  • Supplied in a packet of 50 sheaths

Aussie Backpack – 5 Litre

  • The original Australian made and developed product
  • A breather membrane in the filler cap allows a steady flow of liquid
  • Because the container has an inlet and outlet cap, there is no need to remove gun or applicator when refilling which will reduce spillage
  • An outlet sealing cap is supplied with each back pack to allow back pack to be transported without emptying contents
  • Includes a 1/4″ brass spigot, a 3/8″ plastic spigot, travel cap (End Cap) and straps
  • Made in Australia

Spare caps also available, click here to view: Spare Caps